Bespoke Autonomous Mobile Platforms

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World's first modular and flexible autonomous mobile robots

Many changes can happen throughout the operation life cycle of a warehouse, specifically in 3PL industry. Flexibility is the key to overcome and cope with all the changes in operations, ranged from variations in size or weight of cargo, to peaks in order rates and change in type of cargo. 

"We promise to bring flexibility & automation to your wareh​​ouse, both in a single unique robotic solution." - Starnus Team

  Double your picking rate

Cope with any changes in your payload, type of cargo and expansion plans

Easily and affordably increase robot capacity for your peak season needs, only for that usage period

Our Tech


You can fully customize your desired robot, based on your specific requirement, and adjust the size, payload capacity and functionality of our robots. More importantly, these three key features can be changed and adapted to new conditions on demand and in a very fast, plug and play manner. In this case our robots can easily cope with the increase in order rates, with adding few mechanical modules to the existing robots, their capacity can be enhanced and adjusted for more pick rates per hour. Further, if anything changes in your requirements, the existing robots can easily be refurbished in all three aspects of size, payload capacity and functionality. Starnus robots can take care of all your key internal logistics operations, such as: 1. Unloading/loading palletized containers 2. Transporting pallets internally 3. Transporting bins/packages 4. Receive and transport packages/bins from/to your conveyor belt system 5. Carrying role-cages In this way, you can increase your operational efficiency up to 200%, while keeping the opportunity of having a fully flexible automation solution that can be refurbished, at any time, based on your new demands.

Cargo Handling

Our unique robots can deal with any type of cargo, from EU-Pallets, to US-Pallets, small bins, and even odd-sized packages. You can customize the robots completely based on your current requirements, at three levels of size, pay-load and type of cargo to be handled (pallets, bins, parcels, etc.), and you can change these features, very fast and efficient, whenever you experience any changes in your requirements or operations. The current standard cargo range Starnus robots can handle is between 100 kg up to 1000 kg, but we are never limited in adapting our robots to your specific needs. If you have specific pay-load capacity in mind, do not hesitate to contact us directly, our modular robots can always be adapted to your specific demands. With Starnus robots you do not need to worry anymore about your parcel or package sizes, aisle width or warehouse layout; our flexible hardware and software can be adapted to your specific cargo, warehouse layout and operations specifications, and can always be changes in the future. In short terms, no risk and no worries anymore! We are here for you, to provide you with the world’s most flexible warehouse automation solution.


Our dynamic autonomous navigation software allows our robots to operate in hybrid environments near workers, and thanks to our capable obstacle avoidance features, our robots are completely safe for warehouse environments. Further, via our well-designed web-based user-interface application, workers can have one-on-one interaction with each robot, control each robots operations and analyzed their performance. On a higher level, our unique fleet management software will deal with all the precise planning tasks, and the entire fleet operations will be analyzed and managed in an efficient manner. At the last level, our API will connect your WMS to our robots’ fleet management software, and via this flexible connection, a robust flow of information between our robots’ fleet and the operations of the entire warehouse is established.

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